3G Mobile Phones – Desire of Future Generations

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3G stands for third generation technology. 3G has efficiently evolved with mobile phone technology. With 3G data can be transferred at a very high speed.

In the present demanding age technological innovation plays a key role with any product. In regards t mobile phones constant up-gradation of technology is a necessity. The mobile are no more a gadget only to be used for communication but they constitute a wide number of other features. Be it a camera, a huge storage space, Bluetooth connectivity, music and video playback or so many other things. These sophisticated features apart, connectivity is a very important when one chooses a phone. This is where 3G has come into demand.

Most mobile handsets in today’s market are based on 2G technology. This includes standards like GSM or ‘Global System for Mobile’ Communication. Several handsets have higher data transfer speed and capability than the standard 2G. These are the 2.5G and the 2.75G; most common of 2.5G technology being the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). It works along with the GSM networks. Also in the array are technologies such as the CDMA and EDGE technology (Enhanced Data transfer rates for ‘GSM’ Evolution). Successive generations have provided faster speed of data transfer than the previous. To maintain the standards, with services like downloading ringtones, picture messaging and the mobile web, the technology is being gradually enhanced.

3G Mobile Technology is a substantial advance forward in regards to speed of data transfer for cell phones. As demand of the people is increasing mobile networks will need to buck up and provide data transfer rates faster than it has ever been.

3G phones have been a masterpiece of innovation and time. A video calling feature by which you are able to see the person you are talking to over the phone have been a product of 3G. All the leading manufacturers have launched their 3G enabled handsets. 3G mobile phones are undoubtedly the most preferred choice among customers. Other than the ones who prefer buying a more economical mobile, these are the favorites of everyone.

The 3G handsets are technologically advanced, high-end devices and they feature rich features. The price tag is very high, and this will be the only reason anyone would think hard before buying a 3G phone. However nobody cares about their wallet if they have the best technology at their disposal. All this makes it less surprising that 3G phones are rising in demand all the time.

There are main three 3G standards which have been developed and used in selected regions around the globe.

W-CDMA or ‘Wideband – Code Division Multiple Access’ is giving service with 2G GSM. The two main forms are UMTS and FOMA. 1xEV-DO designed by the ‘Qualcomm’, is the CDMA’s competitor to the W-CDMA. EV-DO or ‘Evolution Data Optimized’ means a broadband standard of data which is already used by many wireless connection providers. EV-DO’s has its data transfer rate as per the W-CDMA standards, offering in approximate of 2Mbit per second of downlinks.

‘TD-SCDMA’ has been developed by ‘People’s Republic of China’. ‘TD-SCDMA’ was developed to provide Chinese citizens with higher speed transfer that didn’t depend on the Western technologies.

Regardless of the price people are buying 3G without any delay. Each one of the 3G mobile handsets from various manufacturers is available over the Internet where you can buy them and also compare with others. The 3G handsets have been in a rage!

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