3G – The Newest Connectivity Technology

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Mobile technology has gone a long way from where it started a couple of decades back. The first wave of mobile phone was used primarily for call purposes and each practically used analog signals to transmit and receive wireless signals. Phones from this era were bigger than the average cordless phones and there were some that also come with handsets and antennas.

The second wave of cell phone became smaller and also it enabled text messaging. This was the second technology of mobile phones. From this era sprang digital signals used for mobile technology which allowed for the transmission of short messages from one mobile device to another. This new technology revolutionized the way people communicate with one another since text messaging was more affordable than regular calls.

The new wave of mobile technology is called 3G. In this technology, wireless connectivity is coupled with high-speed internet access that not only allowed web site browsing but live video phone calls, video streaming, online fax, and more. If you have a loved one who lives or works abroad, this probably is the best innovation for you as this would enable you to talk with your loved one while viewing them in real time.

Accessing the internet is just as easy as dialing with this new technology. All you need is a courier that offers internet browsing capabilities and a mini-browser that often comes pre-installed with 3G cell phones. As a matter of fact, more and more countries are using this newest technology to increase their employee’s productivity while maintaining close contact for better communication. 3G cell phones are not just used as a communication device but these have also been used as portable fax machines (with online fax), personal digital assistants, digital cameras, entertainment device and more. They can even be connected to computers and all data synchronized with its sync features. Now, connecting to the internet can be achieved right at your fingertips and you won’t need a computer for that.

Almost every mobile user wants speed, accuracy, reliability and entertainment. These are very important things that most people cannot live without and these are the features that we all want to see in our mobile phones. Recent cell phone trends have proved that all these issues can be resolved with one cell phone unit and from there, you don’t have to ask for anything else.

An upcoming technology is that of the 4G. What it can bring to us and what it can do to our mobile phones remains yet to be seen. There have been a lot of heresy about this newest technology but unless it has officially came out, there will be no clear definition yet on what it actually is.

One thing is sure though, 3G technology has made a lot of lives and work easier. It has made connections with people all over the globe faster and it has significantly made the world smaller. If you want to partake in this technological revolution, go out and grab yourself a new 3G phone.

Tina L. Douglas is one of the many writers that promotes the advantage of using internet fax. With internet faxing, the environment is less wasteful since hard copies are not present in sending fax via the internet.

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